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How do I set up my Revu?

Follow these easy steps

Step 1

Mount the camera

Twist the camera onto the tripod. Twist the colorful ring to adjust the maximum expansion of the tripod.


Step 2

Switch on the camera

The switch is on the top of the camera. You will see a red light indicating that the camera is active.


Step 3

Plug in the receiver

Plug the receiver into the television and the wall, exactly as though it were a firestick or other smart tv dongle. Make sure the television is turned on. You should see a blue guide page on the tv screen.


Hint: If you see a "No Signal" message on the television, it means the television is not looking at the correct input port. Try using the televisions remote to change the input to "HDMI".

Step 4

Activate the remote


The remote will go to sleep if no key is pressed for several hours. To activate the remote, press any key and wait five seconds. Use the menu button to exit the blue guide page.

Step 5

Adjust the image 

Adjust the brightness, rotation and mirror.


Adjust the brightness by briefly pressing the up and down keys. Brighter will have more motion blur, darker will have less.

If necessary, the image can be rotated by holding the down key. The image can be mirrored by holding the up key.

Step 6

Position the camera

Walk around with the camera until you like the field of view. There should be line of sight between the camera and the receiver. 

Step 7

Plug in the camera

Plug the camera into the wall to keep the battery charged. You may need an extension cord.


Step 8

Set the delay

Use the forward and backward buttons to set the delay. 


Increase and decrease the delay one second by clicking the forward and backward buttons. Press and hold for fast forward and rewind.

Use the jump back and live view buttons to add five seconds to the delay or set the delay to zero.

Step 9

Advanced features

Use the pause/play, forward and backward, left and right buttons for detailed analysis.


Set the default delay by pressing and holding the home button. 

Pause the video. Click the left and right keys to navigate frame by frame, or hold them down for slow motion. 

Press the home button to return to your default delay.

That's it! You're done :)

If necessary, scroll down for troubleshooting ideas.

Connecting a Mobile Device

To use a tablet or laptop instead of a television:

Mobile Device Connector.PNG

1) Connect to the cameras wifi network. The password is "gymnastics".

2) Browse to  or       Scan the QR code.


Before you try anything else, we recommend rebooting the camera. This can be done by turning it off and back on again, followed by waiting 60s.

Choppy or lagging playback:

Make sure that the camera has line of sight to the receiver. Check that the receiver power supply is firmly plugged in at both ends.

No connection between the camera and the receiver:

Switch the camera off and back on. Make sure there is a red light on the side of the camera. Unplug the receiver and plug it back in. Wait 120s.

Non-functioning remote:

Try taking the batteries out of the remote and putting them back in. Press a few keys on the remote and wait ten seconds. Then try the remote again. If that does not work, try rebooting your camera by switching it off and back on again.

Unable to read the QR code:

Make sure you are connected to the camera's network. Try zooming in on the QR codes with your phone. If that does not work, you can access the page by browsing to .

I've still got trouble:

Call, email or text any time. You will have a response within 24 hours.

Liam Gorman

978 768 8450

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